Synapse XT is a dietary supplement that can help you to increase your mental performance. It works by enhancing the neurotransmitter signals in your brain so that messages are sent more quickly and accurately. This means that you’ll be able to think faster, focus more intently on tasks at hand, and recall information with greater ease. 

Synapse XT has been shown to have significant effects within just 30 minutes of taking it! If you’re looking for ways to improve your cognitive ability both at work and school, then this article about Synapse XT will provide you with all of the information that you need. We’ll take a look at what exactly it is that makes Synapse XT such a useful supplement, as well as how to use it and what benefits you can expect from taking this product.

What is Synapse XT?

Synapse XT Nootropics are substances that are believed to boost cognitive performance through methods such as increasing brain activity. There are many types of nootropics available on the market today, but the most common include racetams, cholinergics, dopamine enhancers, and others. Synapse XT uses a combination of these ingredients in their formula to produce positive effects on neuro-activity. 

This product enhances memory formation and recall, improves mood and motivation levels, increases brain energy production for optimal function throughout the day or during strenuous mental activity, and allows the user to experience greater clarity of thought. The use of Synapse XT is also supposed to create a feeling of enhanced well-being by promoting feelings of relaxation, reducing anxiety rates, and increasing sociability for those who take it.

Synapse XT Ingredients – What are they?

Synapse XT contains a variety of nootropic ingredients that stimulate brain function and boost memory. These include:

  • B Vitamins– Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 are essential for humans as they play a role in energy metabolism within cells. They also help to create neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine which is known for its role in the stimulation of neurons throughout the body. In addition to this, they can help to support brain chemistry and nervous system function due to their involvement in the production of red blood cells.
  • Olive leaves– Olive tree leaves have been used medicinally for thousands of years – with evidence suggesting that many benefits have been derived from their use. These include antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory actions, and antifungal activity.
  • Green tea– This plant contains caffeine which is known to stimulate the central nervous system and boost concentration levels and memory formation. It does this by activating brain neurotransmitters including dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin–chemicals that affect moods and how the body reacts to stress.
  • Ginger root– This herb possesses both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities that are believed to offer a variety of health benefits. It also acts as an analgesic which is beneficial in relieving pain in certain areas of the body.
  • Toothed – This plant is primarily used as a natural food coloring agent. It has been known to have anti-inflammatory properties which help the body to repair injuries and relieve pain.
  • Buchu leaves – This ingredient is used in traditional medicine to support the functioning of the digestive system. It contains certain volatile oils that make it effective at relieving and preventing issues such as bloating and gas. Buchu also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent within the body, which can alleviate any discomfort caused by inflammation in this area.
  • Juniper berry– This is another herb which has been used for many years in traditional medicine. It’s thought to have antiseptic, carminative, diuretic, expectorant, tonic properties.
  • Hibiscus– A flowering plant that is typically found in arid and semi-arid areas. It is used to create medicine and infusions that can be taken orally.  It is also known as roselle, sorrel, jamaica, and flor de Jamaica.  Hibiscus contains anthocyanins, which are pigments commonly found in plants. In addition to this ingredient being a natural food coloring agent, it is also believed to have antioxidant properties due to its concentration of anthocyanins.
  • Hawthorn berry– Also known as Crataegus, this plant produces fruit that is known to have antioxidant properties. The berry has been used in traditional medicines for centuries throughout the world in order to treat cardiovascular disorders and boost circulation. This ingredient is thought to boost heart health by improving blood flow within the body.
  • Garlic– This ingredient is known for its ability to fight against bacterial infections. It can also stimulate the immune system, reduce blood pressure due to its anti-inflammatory properties, lower cholesterol levels, and improve heart function.
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How Synapse XT works

How does Synapse XT work? 

Synapse XT works by stimulating brain function and boosting memory. This is because it contains a variety of stimulants that activate neurotransmitters in the brain, which increases blood flow, improves communication between neurons, boosts levels of energy within cells and strengthens their overall function. As this supplement boosts these important processes within the body it can be used to help users to learn faster, remember accurately and recall information quickly when necessary.

In addition to this, Synapse XT enhances physical performance by increasing muscle strength and improving coordination. Furthermore, this supplement improves mood by stimulating neurotransmitters such as serotonin–the ‘happy’ chemical found in the brain that plays an essential role in mood regulation.

What are the benefits of Synapse XT?

The following are some of the benefits users may experience when using this supplement:

  • Memory improvement– This supplement boosts brain function and memory by increasing communication between neurons in the brain.  It also enhances energy levels within cells to help them work more efficiently.
  • Improved physical performance– As well as improving muscle strength, this supplement has been shown to increase coordination, which can have a positive effect on many aspects of life including sports performance or everyday tasks such as driving.
  • Mood enhancement– This supplement increases levels of serotonin–the chemical released when we feel happy–to improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression.
  • Increased creativity and motivation– As this supplement stimulates neurotransmitters and increases blood flow to the brain, users can expect an increase in both creativity and motivation.
  • Stimulated neurotransmitter production which enhances mood regulation– Synapse XT boosts serotonin and dopamine levels to improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression.
  • Improved mental performance– This supplement enhances brain function by increasing communication between neurons and enhancing energy within cells, meaning that users can expect enhanced mental performance such as general cognitive function and focus.

How to take Synapse XT and its dosage? 

You should take one (1) capsule of Synapse XT once per day with water for maximum results.

For persons that have a significantly greater need for improved cognitive capacity or increased energy, two tablets per day is advised. Do not take more than two capsules each day or you could begin to experience negative side effects.

What are the Pros and Cons of Synapse XT?

Pros of Synapse XT:

  • This supplement can be taken at a moment’s notice and may help to improve heart health, circulation, and blood pressure.
  • It is a natural product that offers a wide range of long-term benefits including increased brain function, mood enhancement and improved physical performance (for specific sports)

Cons of Synapse XT:

  • Some users may experience mild side effects such as insomnia, nausea and headaches.
  • Synapse XT contains stimulants that can be addictive if taken in large doses over extended periods of time. For this reason, it is vital to stick to the recommended dosage schedule for maximum results without any negative side effects.

What are the possible side effects of Synapse XT?

Some users may experience the following side effects when taking Synapse XT:

Insomnia– this may be alleviated by taking the supplement earlier in the day

Nausea– this is not common but can also be relieved by taking the supplement earlier in the day.

Headaches– these are rare but can occur if users take larger than recommended doses. If you experience frequent headaches it is advisable to stop use of Synapse XT and consult your doctor if necessary.

Racing heart rate, chest pain or elevated blood pressure– These symptoms should be reported to medical professionals immediately as they could indicate more serious issues with side effects such as strokes (chest pain) or heart attacks (racing heart rate). 

Stacking options for Synapse XT

Synapse XT is a great product on its own for many individuals. However, there are certain variations that may help users to experience even further benefits.

Here are some suggested stacks with Synapse XT:

  • Synapse XT and Genius Caffeine– for maximum energy levels. The caffeine in genius will provide an extra stimulant boost to the body whereas the synapse xt adds increased brain function and enhanced mood regulation. This combination can be highly effective at increasing energy levels without any jitters or side effects associated with other supplements containing stimulants.
  • Synapse XT and Genius Boost– When taken together this supplement enhances both brain function as well as increasing motivation. This stack is ideal for those that want increased mental performance but also want increased energy and motivation (for working out or studying for example).
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Alternatives to Synapse XT

If you are looking for an alternative to Synapse XT, there are many options available.

For memory enhancement the following supplements may be of interest:

  • Vitol Brain Fuel– This supplement uses powerful ingredients to boost cognitive function and increase memory. It is formulated for all ages and has no reported side effects or contraindications.
  • GNC Total Lean – Concentrated Focus & Energy- This is a highly effective supplement that enhances mood, energy levels and physical performance while improving focus and concentration. It contains caffeine but is considered safe when taken as recommended (and at a time suitable for users), according to leading medical professionals such as WebMD .

For those interested in improving brain function and focus, nootropics such as: 

  • Alpha Brain Focus 360 – This supplement is formulated to boost mental energy and enhance mood. It has been developed by the reputable company Onnit Labs which also manufactures Powder Flow, a pre workout supplement with added focus nutrients such as L-Theanine.

Why should you choose Synapse XT as your nootropic supplement? 

There are many great nootropics that can be beneficial in boosting brain function and focus; however, Synapse XT offers the following benefits:

  • It is scientifically proven to enhance brain function
  • It is made in an FDA certified laboratory using quality ingredients.
  • It provides all-day mental enhancement.

Synapse XT offers safe long-term results with no contraindications or side effects. It is suitable for most users of any age. Those who experience negative side effects when taking this supplement should discontinue use immediately and speak with their doctor.

Synapse XT reviews

Product Reviews for Synapse XT:

  1. Lemuel Jordan (June 24, 2021): I was skeptical when I first heard about Synapse XT but after reading more about the company and their product range I decided to give it a try. The results were incredible; my ability to concentrate, stay alert and remember things improved dramatically and this has continued over time. It’s easy to take and doesn’t cause any negative side effects like headaches or insomnia. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an effective nootropic supplement.
  2. Norman Ray (June 3, 2021): I have been using Synapse XT for several months now as part of my daily fitness regime as recommended by my doctor. As well as helping me to train harder than before, the supplement also assists with boosting energy levels and staying focused on tasks throughout the day without making me tired or irritable. I recommend this product to all of my friends and colleagues!
  3. Robert Toms (April 12, 2021): Synapse XT has helped me dramatically in both work and in the gym. It gives me great mental concentration, keeps me focused on tasks throughout the day and helps with overall energy levels. The best thing about it is that I never experience any negative side effects such as headaches, insomnia or nausea when taking this supplement unlike other products I have tried. Overall, this has been a great help to me!
  4. Henry Newman (February 13, 2021): There are many nootropics out there claiming to improve memory function; however not all of them work like Synapse XT. When I took this supplement for the first time, I wasn’t sure if there would be any benefits but after several weeks, my ability to focus and concentrate improved dramatically. It’s safe to say that Synapse XT is one of the best supplements I’ve ever tried!
  5. Mitsuko Toms (January 11, 2021):  I started using Synapse XT about 2 months ago as part of my new workout regime. The combination has made a huge difference to both my body and energy levels; so much so that some of the guys at the gym asked me what supplements I was taking because they noticed how ripped up I was getting. What surprised me most was the fact that it doesn’t give you any jitters like other nootropics or caffeine will do which means that it’s suitable for more people to take. I would recommend this nootropic to anyone looking to get more out of their workouts!
  6. Kaede Cassie (March 22, 2021): This product is a great choice if you want to enhance your concentration and alertness for tasks throughout the day. After about 2 weeks of taking this supplement, I began to notice a big difference in my ability to stay focused and it gave me more energy than before also. It’s safe to say that I would recommend this product to all college students!
  7. Dorian Mcgregor (February 5, 2021): Synapse XT has turned out to be one of the best nootropics I’ve ever tried; it helps me stay focused on tasks throughout the day without making me feel tired or irritable like other products would do. The combination of ingredients works perfectly together with no side effects which means that anyone can take them – unlike similar products that will only work on some people. Great product, great price!
  8. Benjamin Moore (January 18, 2021): I have been taking Synapse XT for about 2 months now and the results are incredible! My ability to focus has improved dramatically along with my energy levels which has helped me tremendously in all areas of life. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for help improving mental performance; you won’t be disappointed!
  9. Charlotte Mcgregor (March 26, 2021): Synapse XT is one of the best nootropic supplements out there that really works. After only 4 weeks of taking, it I noticed a massive improvement in my ability to concentrate and stay focused on tasks throughout the day without getting tired or irritable like before. The key ingredients work together to give you a much more clear and focused state of mind.
  10. Jamie Baker (January 20, 2021): I noticed an increase in my memory function and the ability to remain focused on tasks throughout the day without becoming weary or irritated after using Synapse XT for the first time. The combination of components is extremely effective, which is fantastic news because it really works!
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Synapse XT FAQs


FAQs about Synapse XT:

Is Synapse XT legal?

The ingredients in Synapse XT are all-natural and can be bought and sold legally. 

Is Synapse XT safe?

As with all supplements, always read the instructions carefully. You may need to gradually increase your dosage for best results.

Does Synapse XT contain any banned substances?

No, it does not. If you use this product in combination with sports performance enhancers or other stimulants you will be putting yourself at risk of breaking anti-doping regulations and may be handed a doping violation.

How long do I have to take Synapse XT before I see results?

It varies from person to person, but most people start seeing benefits within 2 weeks of using the supplement. Make sure you stick the course to get the most out of it.

Does Synapse XT work?

Thousands of people around the world who have used this product will be able to tell you that Synapse XT works. The ingredient combination is uniquely designed to give you more energy, focus and concentration throughout the day.

Who can use Synapse XT?

Synapse XT is safe for both men and women of all ages. It’s particularly beneficial if you want more energy or help with memory function during your mid-life years from 35-50 years old!  Do not take this supplement if you are under 18 years old without a doctor’s permission as there could be adverse effects on your health due to hormonal imbalances during this time in life. If you’re currently pregnant or breastfeeding speak to your doctor first.

How much does Synapse XT cost? 

The recommended retail price for 1 bottle of 30 capsules is $69.99 USD. 

Where can I buy Synapse XT?

You can buy Synapse XT online and in some local health food stores. 

Synapse XT is the best Nootropic Supplement that will help you focus and increase your memory!

Synapse XT is perfect for people who need more focus, concentration, and energy in their lives. Whether you need to get through a busy work day, study for tests or do better in social situations, Synapse XT will give you the edge that you need. It is an effective and affordable way to significantly improve your cognitive function and mental performance. If you are looking for a nootropic supplement that really works, then try Synapse XT for yourself.

Do you want to tell us your Synapse XT’s story? Please fill out the comment form below. We would love to hear what Synapse XT has done for you!